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About Us

We Offer healthier lifestyle.

“ Watch our video to learn how you can be free from bad food choices``


Many health programs are built on rigid requirements and guidelines that must be followed exactly - OR ELSE. We believe this approach teaches people to fear food, instead of helping them choose foods that are both satisfying and nutritionally sound.
WildFit is about focusing on getting more of the good stuff. If you want to enjoy the occasional glass of wine or nibble on cheese, we’ll show you how to do that in a healthy way.
This is not a temporary diet that you hop on and off. WildFit is a lifestyle, intended to make you feel your best without restriction or punishment. Wildfit is about freedom. Only, always, freedom.

Eric Edmeades, Founder

Certified WildFit coach

Why People Choose WildFit

25 Years of Experince

The relationship between the mind and body is complex.

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Walking, running, dancing, swimming, yoga are a few physical activity.

Experinced Coachers

We’re here to help you overcome the barriers in the way to a ...

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You have to know which exercises are useful for which groups of muscles.

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People are most productive when they wake up, and setting up a routine.

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The best soluton of course is combining diet improvements together.