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Choosing Freedom

Changing the way you see food. The phycology of why you choose what you eat is learned how to eat is evolution

Mind/body Connection

The relationship between the mind and body is complex. Learn ...

Evolved Diet

The more closely any living thing adheres to its evolved ...

By Design

Why we should be eating according to how our species ...

improved awareness

Improving your power to discern why, when and what you’re ...


Health is your most important asset, it’s the biggest benefit ...

Multifaceted Approach

The best solution of course is combining diet improvements together.

What if the food you are currently eating wasn't really food

What would you say to choosing only healthy nutritious food that give you energy and vitality.
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  • A Natural way of improving your health.

    Wildfit is more then an eating program it about freedom from food you don't want and do nothing to improve your health

  • create lasting change

    Wildfit is more then an eating program it about freedom from food you don't want and that do nothing to improve your health

  • Healthy and Delicious Recipes

    healthy doesn't have to be Boring



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You have the power to create your own Health

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News and Articles

Nov 18, 2016

Stop Getting Annoyed If You Want Better Health

At Integrative Nutrition, we teach the concept of Primary Food which is everything that nourishes ...
Nov 18, 2016

What is a “Healthy” Food? The Answer Will Surprise You

Perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus sed error voluptatem accusantium uts doloremque laudantium, totrem explicabo […]
Nov 18, 2016

Build an Athletic Body With In Eight Weeks Time

How all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and will ...

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